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My Hair Regimen

Hey guys!

So I’m here again, well not to bore you about My birthday WishList but to talk about my natural hair regimen. What I think has been working for me and how I spend my wash day.

I have been natural for a year and one month now and my hair regimen has been changing in other to find what works for my hair.

One Year.. #UpDo

One Year.. #UpDo


I wash my hair once a week when my hair is out of protective styles and rocking it for a bit.

First off I do a “Pre Poo/Hot Oil treatment”!

What’s a Pre Poo/Hot oil treatment?

Pre-Poo – This is basically Prepping your hair with an oil treatment before you shampoo, because shampoo rids our hair off our natural oils, makes it dry and flaky and this give added moisture and strength to the hair

Hot Oil Treatment – Heating our favorite oils in order to open up the hair follicles allowing the oils to permeate and condition the hair.


i used to follow the curly girl rule (Co -Wash) when i was newly natural but conditioners weren’t cleansing my hair anymore so i switched to shampoo. Well naturals are advised to get a shampoo that doesnt contain sulphate which is really harsh on our hair, but i use “Herbal Essence Touchably smooth its contains sulphate, i mix it with water before applying to my hair. I wash my hair in Five (5) sections (braid) to avoid a more tangles and get a stretched out look (which i think fights shrinkage a little).


which is basically getting the knots out and preventing tougher knots from occurring using a wide tooth comb, detangling conditioner. Comb through the tips first continue until you get to roots, and you can comb freely without hooks lol or knots.

DEEP CONDITION The mother of all – i deep condition for about 3 hours or sometimes over night and wash in the mornings. Currently using Pantene Pro V Deep conditioner which is also a very good detangler, or some DIY Homemade deep conditioner when i want to pamper my hair a little more.


A water-base cream/moisturizer for added moisture in my hair after the cleansing process. water-based meaning it is rich in water making it the first ingredient on the product. Right now i’m using Elasta QP moisturizer. This is to add moisture into every strand and Seal using any of your favorite oils and thereafter any curl creme, this can be referred to as the L.O.C method which is “Leave in > oil > Creme to LOC moisture in to your curly/coily strands.


After Sealing, I put my hair into Two-Strand Twists or Bantu Knots just to keep it stretched a little, cover up with a Satin Bonnet to help retain moisture, prevent breakage and basically let it dry overnight. The longer I let my hair dry before taking down my twists/braids, the more defined my twist-out/braid-out style is.. Occasionally I will re-twist at night, and when I do so, it’s important for me to add more moisture back to my hair so there is actually some amount of moisture to seal in when I use my styling creams. Sometimes it will be as simple as dampening my hair with a spray bottle filled with water and oils, leave in conditioner (Elasta QP Leave-in conditioner) or moisturizer.


This is what works for me, but hopefully it can give you some ideas on where to start if you’re trying to work out your own hair care regimen, just remember to have patience and don’t be afraid to switch up your techniques and/or styling products.

Any questions about my current regimen and Please share your hair care regimen? #Laila’sNappyTalk



  1. Kainene says

    Man, all of these sound like hardwork. But I look at your pictures and encourage myself. Thanks for this.

  2. Never knew bout prepping hair before shampoo. But I follow the curly girl method. Very helpful post Laila

  3. This entire regimen is for the wash day yh? I usually break all of those steps into different days. Like oil treatment today. DC another day.. Wash another day. LOCeveryday. I should adopt ur regimen! Its more organised. Lol

  4. Do you completely stay off weaves? I’m transitioning but I have no regimen and I love weave too much to stop x_x

    • Leylarh Cadne says

      No Hun, I get sew in weaves(protective styles) I try as much to moisturize and cleanse while in weave.. And then when I take the weave out, my washday routine is what follows! 🙂

      You shld try this out after u take out ur weave!

  5. Lol mahn, i don’t know how i’d ever achieve enviable natural hair. I read plenty blogs, jot down regimes, but i never follow through. well you and banky give me hope ^_^.

    Btw did you dye your hair Back to Black?

    • Leylarh Cadne says

      Lol! Be faithful to your hair!

      No love.. Still have colour on the tips.. But my black hair is more now! 😦

  6. Asking questions are in fact fastidious thing if you are not understanding anything fully, but this article gives pleasant understanding

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